Club fitting and demo days organised regularly

Play better with custom-fitted clubs - catch our next demo days.


We all know that to get the best out of our games, its important to use the right clubs. No two golfers are the same - they are different heights and postures and have unique swings and tempos. Its important to get some good advice, try out different clubs and get them fitted to your particular requirements.

  • shafts have different weights, flex and bend profiles to suit different swings
  • club heads need to have the correct lie angle to encourage consistent straight hitting
  • grips need to be of the right thickness for comfort and hold
  • overall club lengths need to accommodate golfers of different heights

At Heydon, we regularly invite different club manufacturers to use our covered driving range facility to organise demo days and club fitting sessions. A qualified fitter will normally have you hit balls and measure your ball flight characteristics using the latest technology. They can then recommend the combination of club design features to best suit your game.

If you want to have a fitting session (without commitment) or just want to try out the latest clubs, ask in the club shop or ring Saleem (07885426237) to find out about our next demo says and book a 30 minute session. It you wish to purchase any clubs after your session, Saleem will be happen to assist you.